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In this section our goal is to provide a useful reference point where site visitors can learn all about the coolest game on ice!

If you’re new to minor/youth hockey, then you’re going to need to bookmark this page.  The content will be updated regularly based on community feedback, changes that take place at the organizational level and tips we share based on our experiences coaching and managing teams as Parents ourselves.

A. Hockey 101 – Super Basic

  • Ice Hockey Rink – detailed diagram
  • Player positions
  • Bench Staff roles
  • Officials roles
  • Rules and references – (refer to New Hockey Parent link or vice versa)
  • On-ice Equipment used to play – player/goalies

B. Hockey 102 – Basic

  • Age Divisions – See what level your son or daughter will play at (i.e. U-11 etc.).
  • Timbits U7 Hockey (Canada) – Where it all begins for some Canadian players!
  • Penalties Categories – Major, Minor etc.
  • Referee Calls – Diagram
  • Referee point of view and blind spots
  • Rule and conventional differences between Canada and the USA (i.e. delayed offside)
  • Off-ice equipment (items for training at home w. affiliate links!)

After your last shift as a youth hockey player… what’s next?

  • Junior Hockey? A/B/C, CHL, etc. (U.S. Equivalent?)
  • International
  • Coaching staff – working your own way up
  • Remaining in the game – refereeing, Manager.

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