Skills Camps

This webpage is near and dear to our hearts at! We hope that you will be able to use the information below to discover a skills provider to help your child become a better and more confident player.

Eventually we will be adding more features to assist you with your selection process, including camp ratings & comments. Camps will also display website links and more details for our Premium partners.

We will be updating this map and descriptions continuously… “For the GOOD of the Game!”

Note: Click on map icons to reveal details.

If your camp location is incorrect, please contact us by using the form below and provide the correct address in the available “Camp Address 1” field. We aim to please and want to make sure these details are accurate.

Thank you.

If you would like to add your Skills Camp to the MinorHockeyCentral Map please complete the following information and hit “SUBMIT“… we’ll do our best to get the message out!

A “Basic” profile is available for FREE to all providers of Minor Hockey Skills Development Camps.

Premium accounts may also be purchased, enabling more locations, special map locator pins, website link, photos, descriptions of your business & programs available. Premium account details will be provided in our confirmation e-mail.

We salute your business and your contribution to minor hockey!

Note: We will not share your name or contact details without your prior approval.

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