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Young players learn best when expectations are explained, demonstrated, and practiced in a positive atmosphere, especially when there is a logical progression of teaching skills suited to their current skill level and needs.

As a result, each TBS SKILLS & DRILLS Clinic is purposefully structured in a way that provides each player with more individual instruction and a higher number of repetitions for practicing various skills and tactics.

This creates a fun and optimal learning environment for each player which ultimately leads to enhanced learning. Overall, our SKILLS & DRILLS sessions ensure that players are always actively engaged and moving and are subjected to constant feedback from instructors.

For all TBS SKILLS & DRILLS clinics, coaches will provide instruction in a “small group” environment that features dividing the ice into “stations”.

This arrangement promotes and enhances maximum learning and development of players. Each station will emphasize a particular skill and/or tactic and will provide opportunities for players to repeatedly work on targeted skills and tactics relevant to the SKILLS & DRILLS clinic being conducted. Players are grouped into 4 or 5 stations on the ice (depending on the clinic) with a minimum of four qualified coaches on the ice for each session.

Players are divided into groups with individuals of the same age and/or skill level to ensure that each group is being instructed and challenged appropriately. Organizing the players into age/skill specific groups provides a more comfortable learning environment – which allows individual players to train with more confidence and permits additional opportunities to practice and develop their skills at their own related pace.

All sessions begin with a skill warm – up that physically and mentally prepare the players for the clinic being offered. Each session will end with a fun/competitive small-area game that allows the players to apply the learned skills in a game-like environment.

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