996 Rosedale Ave, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
996 Rosedale Avenue Sarnia Ontario N7S 1Z3 CA

PowerEdge Hockey™ training system is a patent pending, unique training system that creates noticeable results in just a couple of training sessions.

PowerEdge Hockey™ is revolutionizing power skating and on-ice training as we know it. Discover the skating techniques that make Crosby and Ovechkin so successful. Learn the five key hockey skills you MUST develop to play at the Elite Levels. PowerEdge™ training system is based on real game situation training.

The superior training patterns are based on the best power skating techniques and the skill sets of some of the best NHL players in the game today. PowerEdge™ is a Progression Training System with over 50 unique skating patterns that produce results in a variety of superior skills.

Most power skating sessions focus on balance and edge control without the puck. Players have the puck on their stick for the entire PowerEdge™ session to develop not only elite skating techniques, but superior stick and puck control.

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