105 Connell Park Road, Woodstock, NB, Canada


Our mission is to provide an environment where hockey players of all levels repetitively work on individual technical and tactical skills while enjoying the process. We welcome players of all caliber with experience in the sport of at least one season

Elite players will have the opportunity to experience a high level of on and off-ice training. The emphasis will be on fast paced practices that will push players to execute basic and important hockey skills at a high tempo with the ultimate goal to improve and to transition players to the next level.

Our strategic plan will develop in a progressive manner the fundamentals aptitudes related to hockey and will contribute to the personal development of the players into better athletes.


On-Ice training: Skating Technique – Over Speed Skating & Agility – Transition Skating – Stick Handling, Puck Control & Protection – Shooting & Passing – Position Specific Work – Game Simulations – Goalie specific drills with goalie coach

Off-ice training: Speed – Plyometrics (Power)- Agility – Upper and Lower Body Strength – Interval Training

In class sessions: Presentation by our Olympians on the various opportunities in hockey. We will share on our Olympic journey, college recruiting, training, nutrition and sport psychology. Motivational videos, photo and autograph sessions.


NOTE: Appears to be moving to a new website – https://1329hockey.com/


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