2901 Windsor St, Halifax, NS B3K 5E5, Canada

Private / Team Development

Now is your chance to have Coach Naugler and his staff deliver the best hockey development available. Coach Naugler is available to work in a one on one, two on one, small group or whole team setting.

Do you need skill development in power skating or over speed training? Would you like to work on stickhandling, passing and shooting? Does your team need work in offensive or defensive team concepts? Do your special teams need help to be their best?

Now is your opportunity to see your individual skills progress like they haven’t before. Now is your opportunity for your team to work as a complete unit like they haven’t before.

Rates will vary due to the number of players involved in each session and the number of sessions booked.

Contact Coach Naugler immediately to secure your time with him!     Coach Naugler’s time is limited so don’t wait, act now!

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