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Extra Hour Hockey Training facility is not real ice, and we will never replace real ice… Just like a driving range does not replace a golf course or a batting cage does not replace a baseball field.

What we are is a comprehensive hockey training facility that is focused on enhancing all of your hockey skills so when you are on the ice, you’ll be able to perform at your highest level. Our synthetic ice is the most skateable around because of our proprietary coating and ice surface maintenance which makes skating, passing, shooting and all puck skill work as “on-ice like” as possible. Extra Hour Hockey Training Facility shooting lanes and other synthetic ice surfaces are far superior to shooting tiles and wearing shoes. The skating surfaces at Extra Hour are specifically designed to mirror real on-ice conditions by allowing the player to wear their hockey skates and use their game stick. This feature provides the player the ability to skate, shoot, and stick handle with the same stick flex, angle, and player height that occurs in game situations.

Simply said, our skating surfaces mimic real ice in many aspects, but take a little more effort which translates to an easier experience when on real ice. The slight resistance will increase the work load and will result in a stronger skills.

Northern California’s only skating treadmill, located at Extra Hour Off-Ice Hockey Training Facility, has proven to be quite a training tool. Additionally, when parlaying 35 years of coaching experience in teaching stride mechanics and optimization combined with immediate verbal and visual feedback has been extremely productive.  Power skating coaches spend valuable ice time during private lessons working on posture, which is a direct link to power.  Having training aids, at Extra Hour, like slide boards, power skater machines, and Russian boxes enable players to train on proper posture so that when they are on-ice, proper stance has been established which allows for quicker and accelerated skating development.

Our goal at Extra Hour Off-Ice Hockey Training Facility is offer a training atmosphere and culture that supports all players, from beginner to professional, youth to adult. We firmly support our coaches and want them to have the best training tools necessary for your success.

Extra Hour players are enhancing hockey specific off-ice skills that will allow their on-ice training time to be more productive by increasing success and accelerating results to reach their optimal performance.

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