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About the Camp

Since 1989, the Charlie Bourgeois Hockey School has been providing a great hockey experience to young hockey players of all ages and levels of ability. Camp staff are dedicated to providing a professionally structured training environment to help your child develop. Our team of instructors are very experienced and have been selected on the basis of their hockey qualifications and of their ability to communicate with and instruct young hockey players. To ensure intensive and effective training, enrollment is limited. Students will be divided into groups of six according to age and ability. Each group will have an instructor. The student/teacher ratio is the best available at any hockey school. Each student attending the Charlie Bourgeois Hockey School will receive a detailed evaluation of their hockey skills as well as of their attitude and team spirit.

What to Expect


Our coaches come from the ranks of university, junior, high school, and minor hockey teams.


Students will experience a variety of drills designed to development a range of fundamental skills.


Our qualified trainers have developed a program designed for young hockey players focusing on strength, speed, and agility.

Note: The Charlie Bourgeois Hockey School is a unit of the Atlantic Hockey Group

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