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In minor hockey governing bodies exist to ensure consistency for player safety, game rules, tournaments, officiating and more.  While Hockey Canada and USA Hockey are the major national bodies in each respective country, surprisingly not all youth hockey organizations fall into these systems and moving around between them or within their memberships is less child-centric than one would like to admit.

Hockey Canada consists of numerous provincial bodies and associated minor hockey associations…

    • Hockey Canada
    • Provincial/Regional Branches
    • Where can my child play? (Regional rules)
    • More to come…

USA Hockey consists of numerous regional and state affiliates (amateur associations)…

    • USA Hockey
    • Districts
    • Affiliates
    • other


The following systems offer alternatives to the standard models, with some being affiliates and others completely without any affiliation to Hockey Canada or USA Hockey.

  1. Sledge/Para Hockey
  1. Hockey Academies
    • More to come…
  2. Travel Hockey
    • More to come…
  3. Spring Hockey
    • More to come…
  4. Alternatives
    • More to come…


If there are other alternatives, related to ice hockey please let us know.

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