Mission, Vision, Values

What we stand for and why we’re here!

To deliver content with Purpose!

During the process of developing our game plan it was evident that we had an intrinsic “Purpose” at (MHC, for short)!

Basic Principle

We are focused on creating new value for our society to contribute to a better experience for all children involved in playing minor hockey across North America, and eventually around the World!


Be a positive influence!

We envision a world where everyone involved in minor hockey is focused on the personal growth, safety and enjoyment of the children playing the game!



Add Value!

Be the central source for the minor hockey community to obtain a high quality of useful and user-friendly information that is trusted and relevant.

Be inclusive! will be primarily focused on minor/youth ice hockey programs for both boys and girls from pre-Initiation to Midget (U-18).  In addition, we will cover stories that specifically highlight the excitement taking place in the para (sledge) and indigenous hockey worlds.

Encourage Fun!

Our PASSION causes us to focus on making sure that all children enjoy minor/youth hockey!

We believe that associations and governing bodies like Hockey Canada and USA Hockey should be “child-centric” and so we will be advocates “For the GOOD of the game!”

Head Coach

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Head Coach

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