Minor Hockey Associations need to step up!

Minor Hockey’s Missing Link

For a number of years, while researching websites in Canada and the USA , I have been consistently amazed at the lack of  information on websites run by hockey associations.  

That’s not to paint all of these sites with the same brush, BUT the vast majority DO NOT support their local small businessmen and women who offer skills camps!  To me, this makes no sense!

In a newly “community-based” world, especially when many of these associations are supported by local governments or have a history of excellent player development, shouldn’t they be offering a way for local skills providers to reach their audiences (i.e. minor hockey player via their parents)??

I propose that ALL minor hockey associations include a link on their websites entitled “Skills Camps” or “Development”… something that helps ALL new parents with access to local Skills Providers and a way for the association to ADD VALUE for their members.

If you agree, please share this on Social Media to get the message out!  OUR community can make a difference!

Thank you!

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