Hockey Canada’s previous Board disrespected hardworking Parents to cover their assets! Will there be change?

As Parents involved in minor hockey in Canada you expect that your fees are being used to pay for your child’s dues, support your local organization and maybe be added to a pool of funds to support people who need financial assistance to pay for their children’s dues.

You might not be aware that there’s a flow of dollars to the top of the minor hockey food chain.  Similar to a long-established commercial franchise, local minor hockey associations who are part of the Hockey Canada system must contribute dollars up the chain to their Provincial organizations and eventually to Hockey Canada.  Like a local restaurant franchise (think “Boston Pizza”) royalties and other fees are paid for things like marketing, insurance and more.

What Hockey Canada did with that money is clear… they used over $2.9 million of it to hide their scandals.

Hard working parents and their children could’ve benefitted through improved skills camps, equipment and more.  $2.9 Million pays for a lot of ice!

Note to the new HC Board: Make a positive difference!  Be the change you talk about! Put children first, for the GOOD of the game!

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