“F” words you should use…

These “F” words are likely different that what you had in mind…

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Being consistent with your message!

Whether you like to talk with your son or daughter before they go on the ice, at home or after an one-ice event, we recommend that you keep it focused on a couple of consistent themes that will encourage their experience:


We are all guilty of trying to coach our children, so when you are offering tips to your child one of the keys to success is to be FIRST to the puck, whenever possible. This will enable them to possess the puck for their team and possibly make a play or take a shot. Being FIRST is also related to being first on the ice at practices, first to the rink and first to the buffet… Sorry, that last one was for me! Be First!


As the children begin to master their skills it will become more important to focus on being FAST. This is true in all levels, but will be much more important at Rep levels. By focusing on being FAST your child will be FIRST to the puck or quickly able to get open for a pass or to defend an attack… Be Fast!


Being FOCUSED means paying attention. For children to learn, they need to understand their Coaches instructions and at older ages they must be capable of having a high level of FOCUS during games in order to read the ice and anticipate their opponent’s moves. Be focused!


Always the first consideration for all Players is to make sure they are enjoying their involvement in minor hockey. Encouraging your child to have fun is easier when YOU are also demonstrating the same emotions. Children can read your reactions and will question their feelings if they don’t seem to be aligned with your own. Consistently talk up their experiences and encourage their enjoyment with all aspects of the game, from the drive to the rink, attending practices, playing in games and grabbing a hot chocolate on the way home. Have Fun!


Encourage your child to invite teammates home for play-dates or host a game of road hockey near your home where more than a few of their teammates are able to attend. Your involvement will make it easier for them to make friends, and since they will spend so much time with their team this is a great thing! Make Friends!

Note: If there are any errors in the above information or broken links please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re doing our best to help the Minor Hockey community through value-added and interesting content. Everyone can make a difference, we hope you will. Thank you.

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