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While there are now dozens of hockey coaching sites out there, this list will primarily focus on those websites where you can obtain FREE information. The following sites are great places to visit if you want to find resources that will add depth to your Coaching portfolio:

  1. USA Hockey: Coaches – provides guides, insights and links to various coaching-related topics and resources.
  2. Hockey Canada Coaching Essentials – information related to certification, clinics, downloads and resources.
  3. The Coaches Site– offering a tremendous list of FREE drills and featured videos, The Coaches Site is fast becoming an industry leader. To access paid content you can try their free trial membership and for more in-depth development, plan on attending the Hockey Coaches Conference. Info available on The Coaches Site.
  4. Ice Hockey Systems – this site offers a ton of free and paid content, including downloads and videos. Associated with NHL Hall of Famer Denis Savard, IHS is a worthwhile visit. Check out their Blog for additional great content and view the RSS feed (click on “Site updates” at the bottom of the page) for a quick list of drills.
  5. How-To Hockey – I like this site and although it looks a bit “dated” in terms of recent updates, the drills and tips you’ll find on here are still useful and relevant. I did check out their YouTube channel and recommend you check it out for some useful content and tips that are entertaining. Let them know we sent you!
  6. Coach Nielsen Ice Hockey Drills – here you will find FREE printable PDF content and links to videos. This site is also linked to Ice Hockey Plays and Systems which provides more videos and a category breakdown.
  7. Weiss Tech Hockey Drills and Skills – this site offers free drills but if you want more, for an additional cost they also have a selection of e-books and a program called Weiss Tech University with more in-depth training and tools.

Note: If there are any errors in the above information, broken links OR if you are aware of additional sites that will benefit minor hockey Coaches please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re doing our best to help the Minor Hockey community through value-added and interesting content. Everyone can make a difference, we hope you will. Thank you.

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