“Necessity is the mother of invention…” Plato

The ideas for this website developed out of a realization that there was an underlying need for a centralized resource where minor/youth hockey enthusiasts (parents, bench staff, officials etc.) who were new to the sport could easily navigate the “COOLEST SPORT ON ICE” in North America.  

As Parents ourselves, we have been through the minor hockey system in Canada, from before initiation through to Midget (18 years old). Being residents of both Ontario and Alberta over the years, we have also experienced many of the differences between the two models in both house league and rep programs through the involvement of our 2 sons (1998, 2003) and we have volunteered at many levels.

While we are not considering ourselves “experts” in minor hockey by any stretch of the imagination, our experiences and passion for the game have made it an easy decision to develop as a vehicle to provide something that we wish had existed when we were starting out as Minor Hockey Parents- A comprehensive website that addresses all things Minor/Youth Hockey by providing useful information, tips and links to the real experts and skills providers that will make your journey a little easier!


Minor Hockey = Youth Hockey

There will be a lot of mixing and matching when it comes to these terms, but at the end of the day we will try to keep it simple and use the correct term for the story’s target audience.


For the Good of the game!


Where it all began…

After we moved to Edmonton. AB in August 2009 we were thankful that the minor hockey try-outs for the Edmonton Minor Hockey Association didn’t occur until just after Labour Day.  This differed from Ontario where the boys had try-out right after the playoffs in April, for the next season.  With a month to get ready for the new season in our new City, my wife and I had a lot of unanswered questions and didn’t know anyone locally who could guide us to find the right skills camps for our sons (11 & 5) to help them prepare for their season and upcoming try-outs.

So, without any friends or family to guide us in our new hometown we had to act quickly to find a skills camp where the boys could get some pre-season skating and conditioning before hitting the ice and trying out with a bunch of kids they wouldn’t know.  On the surface we had hoped they could find a few friends at the skills camp who would be familiar faces in the dressing room, at least.  But we had no idea how to determine which camps were worthwhile for our sons.  We did the best thing we could and headed to the West Edmonton Mall where the boys could skate indoors amongst the mall’s patrons. It was a really cool experience and it helped them to blow off steam, but it also helped us to meet some local minor hockey Parents who could help us to navigate the Edmonton scene.


A shared problem…

After our first year in Edmonton, it was evident to us that there had to be a better way! We realized that there must be countless families across North America who go through the same life changing experiences, again with little to no help in their new “hometown”.

In addition to this realization, and because the Parents on our youngest son’s team were mostly “new” to minor hockey, a pattern began to emerge- there was a huge lack of consolidated information that was easy to access for:

  • New Parents
  • New Coaches
  • New Managers
  • New Trainers
  • New Board Members etc.

Furthermore, several questions became known:



We intend to use this platform to ADD VALUE for as many people as possible involved in minor hockey! We hope you will find our content useful and, at times, inspiring with topics that include:


  1. #MHC-News – located on the Home Page this section provides current news clips from around the internet and across North America (RSS feeds dedicated to minor/youth hockey, with the odd NHL story for the loyal fans who want to be in-the-know!)
  2. #AWESOMENESS – where we cover all the great news about minor hockey! Inspiring stories, volunteers, and some of YOUR recommendations!  We will use this feature to share #AWESOMENESS stories from our community.
  3. Skills Camp Directory – the most comprehensive listing of skills camps across Canada and the USA.
  4. Departments focused on Parents and Bench Staff with links to the best sites covering minor/youth hockey on the internet! (Note: We know we’re not the experts, but we will highlight many who are doing remarkable things for minor/youth hockey!)
  5. Focus on Charity – a major factor when playing minor/youth hockey is the cost to play our great game. will continuously engage with charitable organizations involved in leveling the field for people of all income levels.
  6. Finally, we will be adding more as we build, including Tournament listings, Product reviews, MHC Forum, Hockey SWAP & MHC Shop for new and niche product suppliers, all geared to one thing: MINOR HOCKEY!

Thank you for visiting! WE HOPE TO SEE YOU AGAIN SOON!

Head Coach




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